Malta University Language School will once again host evening courses in English, Maltese, Japanese and Arabic!

After our success with the English, Maltese, Japanese and Arabic courses throughout the year, we have decided to open our Evening courses in September/October!

The upcoming sessions will begin with our English Evening course which will start on 09/09/2019 and is held three times a week every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This 30-hour course is aimed at both students as well as professionals who would like to brush up their language skills. For more information, click here.

We will also be offering Maltese for Beginners module I and II which will start on 02/09/2019 and 23/10/2019 respectively. These courses are aimed at students who would like to start learning the Maltese language for general use or even to help you with residency or employment! Both courses are 30 hours long and they will be held twice a week, Tuesdays & Thursdays (module I)and Monday & Wednesdays (module II). For more information click here!

In addition, we will also hold Japanese for Beginners module I starting on 11/09/2019 and Japanese for Beginners module II to be confirmed. The course is aimed at students who would like to start learning Japanese in order to travel or better understand the culture! Courses will be held twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays (module I) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (module II) for a total of 30 hours per module. For more information click here!

Last but not least, we will be holding an Arabic for Beginners course starting on 09/09/2019 for module I, and  module II to be confirmed. Module I will be a 30 hour course held on Mondays & Wednesdays, whilst module II will be a 15 hour course held on Wednesdays. This course is aimed at students who would like to start learning standard Arabic. The course is also popular with students who require the language for business or work. For more information click here!

We will also be holding another 2 sessions for English, Japanese, Arabic and Maltese throughout next year. The second session will be held in April, and the last session will be held in September. For more information, kindly refer to our Short Courses page.


If you have any questions kindly email us on or call us on +356 21322785.