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A Different Language Is A Different Vision Of Life – Federico Fellini

A warm welcome awaits you at Malta University Language School. On behalf of our academic team and administration staff, as Head and Director of Studies, I am delighted to introduce you to our school and to assure you of our constant support during your stay with us. From the moment it was first founded in 1972, the mission of our school has always been to provide a professional and secure environment that will enable our students to reach their full learning potential. Malta University Language School is owned and validated by the University of Malta. We are proud to have this unique privilege of having such a close bond with a prestigious educational institute such as our university. This affiliation also means that as a school, we are committed to high standards. Our dynamic teaching staff comprises of Cambridge-qualified (CELTA and DELTA) teachers who are trained to deliver engaging and motivating lessons to ensure maximum student participation in the classroom. Our language school is located on campus at the University of Malta in Msida. This town is very centrally located and enables you to travel easily to all areas in Malta. Both the school and the accommodation facilities are in close proximity to each other, making your stay with us an enjoyable experience.

As Director of Studies, I invite you to join us at Malta University Language School, with the full confidence that we will empower you to take your English learning to the next level whilst making sure your stay in Malta is an enjoyable and memorable one.

Jean Bonnici

Head of School & Director of Studies


  • Validated by University – Our courses are validated by the University of Malta. This is also reflected on the End of Course certificate.

  • Centrally Located – Our school is located on campus at the University of Malta in Msida, which makes it very convenient for students to travel around and explore the island’s attractions.

  • Nationality mix – Being located on the university campus has the added advantage for students to mingle and practice speaking English with other foreign students studying at university, many of these being native English speakers.


The mission of our school is to provide quality tuition in a professional and secure multi-cultural environment to enable students to realize their full learning potential.   Through our courses and programmes, we create opportunities for development, learner autonomy  and growth to empower our learners to venture further.

Malta University Language school is committed to respecting each learner and understanding that every individual is unique.  We support each student and ensure that they feel safe and happy while achieving their language goals. Learners are placed in classes that best suit their level.  A holistic approach to learning is undertaken by every teacher and the Administration staff.   Customer care and student welfare are top on our priority list.

Malta University Language School is affiliated to and validated by the University of Malta, which has a worldwide reputation for excellence.

The school specialises in creating a professional environment to help students achieve their desired level of English. We offer courses such as General English, Intensive English, Business English and exam preparation courses such as IELTS or TOEFL. Together with our team of CELTA and DELTA qualified core teachers, the school strives to achieve a well-balanced, professional classroom atmosphere without ever neglecting the well-being of the student.  Lessons are designed to promote the four skills as well as grammar and pronunciation. Our interactive lessons are based on the Communicative Approach to deliver motivating lessons that enhance each student’s learning experience.  This makes learning enjoyable, engaging and memorable.  At the end of their course, all Malta University Language School students receive a certificate validated by the University of Malta.

The school is based at Campus Hub right next to the University of Malta.   There are good public transport connections and shopping centers close by. Historical sites and beautiful beaches can be easily reached from Msida.  Students who book both their course and accommodation with us have the opportunity to practise their English with other students staying at the University Residence.  Many of our international residents are University of Malta students who possess a high level of English.  The nationality mix found at the residence helps enrich the student’s learning and cultural experience. The facilities on the school grounds include a cafeteria, a swimming pool and a study room.

The Maltese Islands have a long and colourful history.  A walk through our rich cultural heritage transports the traveler from Malta’s Neolithic period depicted by temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility to modern-day Malta.

Influences from many different cultures over the years have transformed present-day Malta into an eclectic mix that is bound to appeal to many. There is so much to see and do: be it exploring historical ruins, visiting one of the many attractions dotted around the island, savouring the local cuisine, or relaxing on one of our many beaches found around the island. Malta holds something unique for everyone.

The country’s official languages are Maltese and English. Malta gained independence from Great Britain in 1964 and became a member of the European Union in 2000.  Malta is also part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.  Our official currency, the Euro, was introduced in 2008.

Apart from its rich history,  great cuisine, and friendly people, Malta is also known for its splendid weather enjoyed throughout the year.  Our warm summers and mild winters make Malta an all-year-round travel destination.



General English

This course is ideal for students who are looking at developing the primary English language skills. Namely speaking, reading, writing and listening. Courses start every Monday at Elementary to Advanced levels.


IELTS Exam Preparation

IELTS is an international standardised test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. This course provides excellent preparation for students sitting for an IELTS Academic or General test.


One To One Tuition

One-to-One tuition provides the student with a tailor-made course based on specific needs and interests. The teacher supports the student to improve areas while developing the student’s current English knowledge.

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