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SECTION 1. Application Process & Liability

1.1 It is the applicant’s responsibility to read, understand and sign the following Terms and Conditions. Malta University Language School (MULS) may answer any questions relating to the following Terms and Conditions via email.
1.2 The following Terms and Conditions are binding for all students of MULS, those booking directly as well as those booking through an agent.
1.3 Applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age. Parents or legal guardians are required to apply on behalf of any minor aged 17 or under, and are to sign a separate agreement.
1.4 While MULS shall undertake every effort to help and support students throughout their stay in Malta, MULS does not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage that students may incur during their stay in Malta.
1.5 The applicant agrees not to hold MULS responsible for any loss, damages or other costs arising from their own negligence or misbehavior (or that of minors, where persons apply on behalf of minors aged 17 or under) in any manner.
1.6 MULS reminds all applicants that it is each student’s responsibility to be in possession of an insurance policy that covers civil liability, third party liability as well as health insurance coverage throughout their stay in Malta.
1.7 Applicants are obliged to inform MULS should they suffer from any medical, physical or psychological condition, which might affect their stay or that of other students. MULS shall not be held responsible for the students’ well-being and safety, even when informed of any such existing condition.
1.8 MULS reserves the right to exclude any applicant or student from any service applied for, if in the opinion of MULS, the behaviour of such persons, compromises the health and safety of other students or staff, or is likely to, in any manner bring into disrepute the name of MULS.
1.9 The student will be provided with a Malta University Language School Student card which must be carried them with at all times.
1.10 MULS reserves the right take photos or videos on the school’s premises which may be used for promotional material.

SECTION 2. Payment of Fees

2.1 Applicants shall receive an invoice listing the services applied for. MULS also charges the following additional fees:

Registration Fee (applicable for all applications): EUR25
Eco Tax (mandatory accommodation government tax) maximum of: EUR 5
Tuition Summer Supplement (applicable from 24th June 2019 – 30th of August 2019): EUR 35 per week
Accommodation Summer Supplement (applicable from 25th June 2019 – 31st of August 2019): EUR 35 per week
Letter of Acceptance (for any legal, academic or professional requirement): EUR 50
Change of Course Fee (upon request): EUR 25

2.2 Applicants are invoiced the total amount due for their booking. Applicants are required to forward a deposit of 25% of the total amount to confirmed the booking. The deposit is to be received within 5 working days of issuing the invoice in order to confirm the booking. This deposit will be deducted from the total amount of the invoice.
2.3 Applicants are required to effect full payment of the total amount due within a maximum of 14 working days prior to the beginning of the course/taking up accommodation with the Malta University Language School (MULS).
2.4 Applicants will only be eligible for long-term prices and discounts if the total amount due is fully paid in advance.
2.5 MULS shall not affect any refunds to students who cancel after their booking has been confirmed. The same applies to no-show students.
2.6 Fees and charges paid are not refundable. No refund shall be made for any part of the service not utilised. Should any applicants or students require a re-scheduling of their lessons, they shall inform MULS at least 5 working days in advance. Failing to do so will result in full payment for the lessons which cannot be re-scheduled.


3.1 A Letter of Acceptance for VISA purposes can be issued to a student by MULS. MULS shall charge a non-refundable fee of €50 for a Letter of Acceptance. Applications who request a Letter of Acceptance must affect full payment of the total amount due prior to the Letter of Acceptance being issued by MULS.
3.2 Should applicants subsequently not be granted a student visa, they are obliged to inform MULS of their inability to travel to Malta at least 30 days prior to the arrival date in Malta and to present MULS with the official visa refusal letter.
3.3 Should the VISA not be granted and the students inform MULS no less than 30 days prior to their arrival date in Malta, MULS shall withhold €275 cancellation fee (including €50 letter of acceptance and €25 registration fee) for tuition and €100 for accommodation. MULS shall refund the applicant the remaining amount paid. The refund will only be made upon presentation of an official student visa refusal letter. Students who notify MULS 29 days or less prior to their arrival date in Malta, MULS shall withhold 13% of the total amount due as an Administration fee. In addition, MULS shall withhold a further 80% of accommodation fees and 20% of tuition fees. MULS shall refund the applicant the remaining amount paid. The refund will only be made upon presentation of an official student visa refusal letter.


4.1 The services provided by MULS are subject to availability. Applicants are therefore urged to book their course and accommodation as early as possible.
4.2 MULS reserves the right to alter the service provided by it without prior notification to the applicant, on condition that the service so provided by it is of the same standard or classification as that originally applied for.
4.3 In the case of the restaurant opening late morning due to low student numbers breakfast provisions will be given to the student to be eaten at their own accommodation.
4.4 While MULS shall make every effort to deliver lessons in the morning, MULS shall at times, schedule lessons in the afternoon.
4.5 Lessons shall not take place on National Public Holidays. MULS will compensate by giving an additional 2 hours throughout the week for the General English class. The following days are weekday Public Holidays in Malta:

1st January New Year’s Day
19th March Feast of St Joseph
19th April Good Friday
1st May Workers’ Day
7th June Sette Giugno
15th August Feast of the Assumption
13th December Republic Day
25th December Christmas Day


4.6 In addition, the school shall be closed for Christmas Recess for a period of two weeks.
In 2019 – Winter Break starts on the of 23rd of December and ends on the 3rd of January both days included.

4.7 In the event that there are four or less applicants on any given course offered by MULS, MULS shall automatically apply a “Daily Reduction Procedure”, as outlined in the table below.


Reduction for
One Student

Reduction for
Two Students

Reduction for Three or Four Students

All Courses

Reduced by 2.5
days per week


Reduced by 2
days per week 


Reduced by 1
day per week



OUR PRIVACY POLICY4.8 The reduction of each day or half day is to be calculated, in terms of hours, in relation to the number of hours of tuition offered weekly to the student for the particular course on which that student is enrolled.
4.9 Should the student not wish such “Daily Reduction Procedure” to apply and wishes to increase the hours, the student has the option of taking the full number of normally- applicable days (and hours per day) against an additional payment.
4.10 If the student’s level of English falls below or above the level of courses available, (Elementary to Advanced), the student will be given One to One lessons equivalent to the amount previously paid.
4.11 MULS keeps daily attendance records so students should attend classes regularly. Students with a VISA who regularly miss classes will receive a non-attendance email warning and will be reported to Maltese VISA and Immigration.
4.12 Students will only receive an end-of-course certificate if they score an attendance of 75% or more.You are important to us. We respect your privacy and we value your personal data. We will ask only for personal data we require to provide you with our services effectively. We are committed towards processing your personal data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner at all times, and in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


The Malta University Language School is owned and validated by the University of Malta. 


As prospective students of the Malta University Language School, we will ask you to provide us with the following information that enables us to register you for our courses and assign you to a suitable class: your name, nationality, date of birth, home address, passport number, profession, approximate level of English, email address, mobile number and bank details. We will also ask you to provide us with visa information and booking details and to indicate your course and accommodation preferences.We will process this information on the basis of Article 6 (1) (b) of the GDPR, in order to take steps at your request to offer you our services and successfully enroll you in our School.StudentsWe will also process other forms of personal data once you become a student. This data, which includes attendance sheets, test results, schoolwork and certificates, is processed on the basis of Article 6 (1) (f) and is necessary in order for our School to provide a service of excellence.We will only take and use photos and videos of you, and only send you marketing and promotional material if you consent respectively to such processing activities, and we remind you of your right to withdraw any such consent at any time.


Your personal data detailed above will be available only to those staff members who require access to it for the performance of their obligations.


We will share your personal details with third parties in the following circumstances:

  • In order to comply with a legal obligation to which we are subject, which includes sharing information with the Maltese Immigration authorities and/or the Malta Police Force;
  • If it is necessary to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of a third party;
  • If you have given your consent.

We will forward any requests for information about courses offered by the University of Malta you make to the Registrar’s Office or to the Marketing and Communications Office of the same University.


Please refer to our Policy Regulating the Retention of Documentation for further information.


In respect of your personal data that is held and processed by us, you have the right, subject to the terms laid out in the GDPR, to:

  • Request access to such personal data;
  • Request rectification or erasure of such personal data;
  • Request restriction of processing of such personal data;
  • Object to our processing of your personal data; and
  • Data portability

Where personal data is processed on the basis of your consent, you also have the right to withdraw such consent at any time, by sending an email to info@universitylanguageschool.com.


You may also lodge a complaint with the Malta Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner.



  • This Policy is aimed at regulating the retention, maintenance and disposal of documentation (both personal and other), within the Malta University Language School, as provided for in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and in accordance with the principles of data protection legislation, and other legal provisions in Maltese Law.


  • The GDPR puts forward the principle that personal data and sensitive personal data should not be retained for periods that are longer than necessary. In this context, the Malta University Language School will be putting forward a retention policy for all data and documentation that it collects and processes, with the purpose of ensuring compliance to the Regulation and to ensure that no resources are utilised in the processing and archiving of data which is no longer of relevance.


  • This policy aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • Regulate the retention and disposal of the various types of documentation – whether held in manual or automated filing systems within the Malta University Language School – while adhering to the Data Protection principle which states that personal data should not be retained for a longer period than necessary;
  • Dispose of unnecessary documentation that is no longer relevant and is taking up useful storage space;
  • Promote the digitisation of documentation as may be reasonably possible in order to minimize the use of storage space required to store documentation, as well as to promote a sustainable use of paper and printing consumables.


  • Documentation is held and recorded by the Malta University Language School. This Policy is therefore applicable to all such documentation. It will be the responsibility of the Malta University Language School and its Data Controller to ensure that all provisions of this Policy are adhered to.

DOCUMENTATION HELD WITHIN the Malta University Language School

  • As part of its operating requirements the Malta University Language School, requests, keeps and maintains a wide range of documentation including personal data. The various types of documentation utilised by the Malta University Language School may be categorised as follows: 


  • Personal Data of students;
  • Attendance and absence records;
  • Discipline related records;
  • Financial records including receipts
  • Documents relating to VISA application process



  • Documentation is maintained in an accessible but secure location with adequate access provided to officials who have the clearance level to access the relevant documentation. In the case of documents with sensitive personal data with higher clearance levels, access control protocols are fully adhered to, to ensure that only those that have the required security clearance have access to such documentation.
  • In the case of personal data, the GDPR also stipulates that only those required to process personal data should have access to personal records.
  • Personnel who are found to be in breach of these security protocols, and thus in breach of the GDPR, will be subject to disciplinary action.


  • In terms of retention periods, it needs to be pointed out that the same retention period will apply for both electronic and manual data.


  • Retention of different categories of documents is governed by different requirements and different legislations and regulations.

The following schedule outlines the retention requirements for the various categories of documentation within the Malta University Language School.

Category Retention Period

Personal Information

Application forms for coursesRetained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.Application Forms/ Documentation for the VISA process Retained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.

Attendance and Absence Records

Retained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.Attendance Sheets Retained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.Vacation Application Forms Retained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.

Tuition Records

Certificates 6 years Test Results Retained until the end of 1 calendar year following the course year.


6 years


This retention policy aims to achieve a good working balance between the retention of useful and meaningful information in line with the provisions of the relevant legislation and the disposal of data which is no longer required and is being archived unnecessarily. Data that needs to be destroyed after the noted time frames will be disposed of in an efficient manner to ensure that such information will no longer be available within the Malta University Language School. Data Protection Controllers, Heads, and DPOs are aware of the noted retention periods and will instruct all relevant personnel to follow the indicated procedures accordingly. It is to be noted that anonymised or statistical data do not fall within the parameters of this Retention Policy, since they do not constitute identifying personal data.

Head Office