The University Residence

The University Residence is professionally managed and welcomes guests of all nationalities who travel to Malta to study at University of Malta or at Malta University Language School. This vibrant cosmopolitan setting connects people and promotes intercultural communication and interaction. The University Residence is conveniently located 4km from the University Campus and a free shuttle bus service during semester times connecting the Residence to the University directly. Situated on extensive private grounds within walking distance from the town center of Lija and main public transport routes, the Residence is well positioned for accessing major shopping centers, historical sites and beautiful beaches.

Malta University Language School

The Residence is marked by helpful staff and a concierge service on a 24-hour basis. The premises and grounds offer modern amenities within a hospitable and secure setting.


Room Rates

Room prices below are per person per night basis. All the rooms and apartments include self-catering facilities. Eco Tax is applicable for guests aged 18 and older. The maximum Eco Tax is €5.

Number of Weeks Townhouse Twin Room Townhouse Single Room Postgraduate Twin Room Postgraduate Single Room Standard Apartment Twin Sharing Standard Apartment Single-Use
1 to 3 €21.50 €30.10 €24.40 €40.10 €30.10 €47.30
4 to 7 €17.20 €25.80 €20.10 €38.10 €25.80 €50.60
8 to 12 €16.50 €24.40 €18.70 €32.30 €22.20 €49.20
13 to 24 €15.50 €22.80 €18.10 €27.00 €21.30 €48.20
26 to 50 €14.90 €21.90 €17.40 €26.00 €20.50 €47.90