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With its cultural heritage, scenic landscapes and seascapes, friendly atmosphere and vibrant nightlife, Malta has been a favourite amongst many tourists. Many opting to come for its sun and sea, or even for a wonderful escape in a safe and friendly mediterranean island. Malta offers something for everyone and together with Malta Sport & Leisure, Malta University Language School offers many activities for both individuals and groups.



The capital of the island, Valletta is one of the very first planned cities of Europe and was built by the Knights of St John. Its first stone was lain in 1566 and, therefore, Valletta is host to over 400 years of history.

Valletta was built on a peninsula and is thus flanked by two natural harbours, the views of which are spectacular.

Many museums, old buildings and churches may be found in Valletta. St John’s co-cathedral is to be visited not only for its baroque architecture but also for its tapestries, paintings and The Beheading of St John, a spectacular Caravaggio painting.

But Valletta is not only a historical centre. It is also the central business district and houses many shops, cafes and restaurants.


Mdina, the old capital city of Malta, is known as the Silent City. It is one of the world’s finest examples of a medieval walled city which is still inhabited. Perched high on a plateau, Mdina houses some of the island’s oldest and most fascinating history. Within its walls one can find churches, monasteries and stately palaces.

The cathedral is quite breathtaking. This is located, along with the museums, in the main square, but if one wanders along the straight narrow streets surrounding the square, you discover a place of history and beauty.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is one of the most popular and famous attractions in Malta . It is a geographic marvel – a magnificent cave with a naturally formed perfect arch providing support.

From the tiny inlet below the town of Zurrieq we can take you on a trip around the caves on one of Malta’s colourful fishing boats.

The caves are best seen in the morning light, with glowing reflections in the water of the multi-coloured coral and minerals embedded in the limestone. In some places it is more than 80 feet deep yet it seems like the sea bed is inches away.

A personal favourite with the staff of MULS, we recommend a visit to this natural jewel wholeheartedly.


Boat Cruises

Throughout summer there are many boat cruises to choose from. Whether you want something short and historical, like the Harbour Cruise, or a full day’s excursion to the Blue Lagoon – we can arrange it for you.

Here is just a sample of the cruises we can offer:

  • Harbour Cruise
  • Round Malta
  • Comino & The Blue Lagoon
  • 3 Islands
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Underwater Safari
  • Catamaran Cruise
  • Evening Boat Party



The sister island of Malta and the second biggest island of the archipelago, Gozo offers a holiday within a holiday for travellers in Malta as despite being part of the Maltese islands, Gozo has its own character and atmosphere. The predominant landscape feature is the numerous hills one encounters as well as the abundant nature and greener feel of the whole island.

This is a whole day activity, starting bright and early, and returning in the early evening.

Different activities can be organised according to one’s inclination. These vary from cultural tours to sightseeing to adventure tours on quad bikes.


The third island making part of the Maltese archipelago, Comino is a favourite destination for summer day trips. A desolate island on which perches the fortress which was used as the Chateaux d’If in the Count of Monte Cristo (2002), the island’s barrenness transports one to prehistoric times.

The crystal clear waters of the island’s most famous spot are renowned. Indeed, a visit to Malta without a trip to Comino would be an unforgivable miss.


Horse Riding

This is a great activity in Malta which enables you to explore places off the beaten track. The most popular horse riding tour we arrange is at Golden Bay. The team of horses leaves the stable, travels up gravel roads to the cliff top, then all the way over to Popeye Villages. The ride takes around 2 hours.




For more information regarding activities, especially our weekly activity schedule please visit the University Sports and Leisure website

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