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General English Online – evening courses

We hope this post finds you all in good health!

It is always a good time to learn a language or boost your language skills.

Until it is safe to travel again, we are offering several language courses online.

Our General English Online courses are validated by the University of Malta. They are held in the evening, typically 3 times a week and are aimed at participants who would like to improve their English for various reasons; employment, educational or simply for leisure purposes.

Our short courses focus on speaking, writing, listening and reading and are being offered at an elementary ( A1/A2) and at intermediate levels (B1/B2). They are delivered by our fully qualified online tutors using a communicative approach and all the online course material is provided.

Participants are asked to take our free online test before the course commences. This ensures that they will participate in a course that is appropriate for their current level of English. At the end of the course, a certificate is awarded to each participant. Since we only accept a small number of participants on each course, places are limited.

Visit our webpage to find out more about our current offer.

If you have any questions kindly email us on info@universitylanguageschool.com