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(English) We hope this post finds you all in good health!

It is always a good time to learn a language or boost your language skills.

Until it is safe for Malta University Language School to reopen we are offering several language courses online.

Our General English Online courses are validated by the University of Malta. They are held in the evening, typically 3 times a week and aimed at participants who would like to improve their English for various reasons, often for employment or education purposes or simply for leisure.

Unsere Englisch Konversationsklasse bietet den Teilnehmern ein exzellentes Umfeld, um das Tempo der Korrektheit und die Korrektheit der englischen Sprache zu verbessern. Der Unterricht findet zwischen Montag und Freitag in der Zeit von 12:45 – 13:45 Uhr statt während des gesamten Jahres statt, mit Ausnahme von zwei Wochen in der Weihnachtszeit. Sie fangen an einem … „Englisch Konversationsklasse“ weiterlesen

This year Carnival in Malta will be celebrated from Friday 21st February to Tuesday 25th February. Undoubtedly it is one of the highlights of Malta’s cultural and religious calendar. This celebration literally translates to ‘Meat is allowed’, as what follows after Carnival is a time of preparation for Easter, during which, traditionally, locals refrain from … „(English) Carnival in Malta 2020“ weiterlesen

Benefit from a 20% discount when booking a General English course with lessons from 3rd February to 28th February 2020. Standard price €165 – Offer Price €132 per week* A one time registration fee of €25 applies. Various accommodation options at the University Residence, for example in a Postgraduate Apartment: Single room at €38.93 per … „(English) February 2020 Special Offer“ weiterlesen