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Malta University Language School is affiliated to and validated by the University of Malta. The University of Malta was founded in 1592 and is known worldwide for its excellent reputation.

The classrooms and administrative offices of our school are located in the University Residence in Lija, which offers our students the opportunity to mix among learners of different nationalities who are in the same location. All our courses are validated by the University of Malta and all students who take one of our language courses receive a certificate from Malta University Language School.

The school specialises in creating a professional environment so that students can achieve the desired level of English. Together with a team of core teachers, all of whom have CELTA and DELTA qualifications, the school offers courses such as General English (Standard Course), Intensive English (Intensive Course), but also exam preparation courses such as IELTS or TOEFL. The school strives to achieve a well-balanced and professional classroom atmosphere without ever neglecting the well-being of the student.

Malta University Language School accommodates students of different nationalities who have chosen our school for its interactive and communication-based approach to teaching English in an enjoyable and memorable way.

University Residence Accommodation: Malta University Language School is a school with accommodation facilities located in the University Residence in Hal-Lija. The accommodation is located on the same property as the school.



The residential complex is within walking distance from the city centre of Lija and has a public transport connection. It is alos well connected to the main shopping centres, historical sites and beautiful beaches.


Free shuttle bus

During the semester the University Residence offers a free shuttle bus between the University Residence and the campus of the University of Malta.


Facilities at the University Residence

Facilities include a mini-supermarket, swimming pool, tennis court, running track, cafeteria and study room.


Course schedule

Before the start of the course, all students must take an online test available on the website in order to be assigned to a course that corresponds to their current level of English. During the course there will be ongoing assessment and progress tracking. Long-term students have the advantage of a private consultation with the school director or her representative to discuss their progress and other issues. At the end of the course the student can either choose to take a final test and receive a certificate of acheivment or simply choose to receive a certificate of attendance. Both types of certificate are marked with a University of Malta validation which guarantees that the course attended has been approved and recognized by the Senate of the University of Malta.

Terms and Conditions